Tricks of the Devil

Since the beginning of time Satan has taken on the passion to destroy all people. He despises humans and especially Christians and Jews from the depths of his soul and he doesn't stop at anything to overthrow every man to destruction. The problem that we have today is that we do not realize that we are tempted and seduced by the devil every day. The biggest lie that has ever been spread by the devil is the one to make people believe that he does not exist. Do not be tempted by the evil yet smart tricks of the devil. We will try to show you how bold and intensively smart the devil behaves to cast you under his spell and drag you to hell.


One of the most common and most spreaded "sicknesses" of this new age is Depression, even though it's been existing for a very long time. Nowadays there are 350 million people suffering from Depression and thereby from other mental disturbances world wide. Considering that this is a "sickness" that the devil whispers to you, this number is more than alarming. We definitely do not want to underplay the seriousness of a depression, but people who suffer from it simply listen to the wrong voice in their head. Just as God daily tries to speak to his children, Satan tries the same. At first they are just small words and small messages, short sentences. Messages like you are not good enough, you are ugly, you are untalented, you are not capable, you are boring, you are not worthy that he or she likes you. Theses messages are never from God. God would never speak to you or any other human being like that. God will tell you: you are worthy, you are wonderful, I have made you so beautifully and special, you are indeed amazing and you are one of a kind. God loves you and that's why he died for you. He did not die for you so that you have a hard life, but only for you to be happy and to live with love and gratefulness. If you hear such negative messages in your head, please dear brother or sister, ignore them and do not listen to the voices of the darkness. Please always remember, You are so very special. People that acutally see you with God's eyes, will tell you exactly this. 


Quite often people try to drink/smoke away their dissatisfaction, frustration, hopelessness, loneliness or grief in earthly ways of addiction. Be it cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, hashish or other drugs, which are all very easy to purchase nowadays. All these substances originate from the devil. The ancient Egyptians, of whom it is known that they have worshipped demons and idols, have already taken drugs, as they have learned how to make/consume them from demons themselves. God does not want you take such substances that harm you and your body. That's why the use of any drug is prohibited by the Bible. God does not forbid it to make your life difficult, but only to protect you. As a loving Father who cares for his children, he wants to keep you away from any damage. If you should find that you are forfeited with any addiction, please brother or sister, instead of looking for the next chemical kick please start searching for the love of God. He will restore everything and he will heal you. He will care for you. He will mend your soul. There are many places and locations which you can go to for help. If you do not want to go to an addiction counselor, we can only recommend you going to a new-born/born again Christian Church or any Christian friend you may have. They know exactly how they can help you. Do not be fooled by the temptations of the devil that destroy you from the inside. You're much too valuable to just get so lost.

Sexual Excesses:

I know what you think: Sex is an important part of life, or not? But in God's eyes it belongs only in marriage between a husband and his wife. Our Lord does not like for you to have sex before marriage and it is a thorn in his side, which is nowadays almost the norm. Consider this and think very deeply about it: is there anything more beautiful than marrying your true love and only share intimacy with this one person? A human being, no matter if male or female, but someone who walks with God, will always be faithful to you, he will always be sincere and he will never lie to you as he knows that those things are forbidden by the Lord and are an abomination to him. (True) Christians always treat other people with respect and not only because Jesus demanded it but because Christians have made it a part of their own personality to love their neighbor. If you live a life with Jesus and you are given the Holy Spirit, you will become the person that God intended for you to be. 


Sexual excesses and of course one night stands and all forms of orgies and pornography are all sins. God does not hate the sinner, he hates sin. Do not be tempted by shallow and physical lusts of the flesh. Stay pure and completely holy, just as you father in heaven is pure and holy. If you have committed fornication and/or adultery, repent and stop it immediately.


Nowadays a lot of people are scared of saying it and immediately we are stamped as homophobic by saying this, but homosexuality is and will always be a sin. Again: God does not hate gays or lesbians, he hates the fact that someone is so deep in sin that he cannot see the Lord anymore. As a Christian it is the most important part to help and take care of each other. Christians do not hate homosexuals. But we do not want you to go to hell because of your "confusion". God wants to save every human and in our opinion, no one is born gay but within time they just adopt the ways of the devil by listening to him. 

Occultism / Satanism / Atheism / Buddhism / Hinduism / New Age:

Occultism and Satanism are more easily accessible in your life than you think, because even a horoscope in the newspaper is a form of occultism. If you have ever been to a fortune teller and / or a palm reader, then you've already come into contact with the occult. God knows perfectly well, whether you did it on purpose or if you did it "by accident" simply cause you didn't know any better. In spite of all that, it is prohibited by the Bible and God hates it. All forms of "worship" with black or white magic, are tricks of the devil to take you to hell. Please do not fall into the trap. Anything that does not correspond to the Bible and the God Yahweh and His resurrected Son, Jesus Christ is from the devil. Everything. Without Exception. This even includes Yoga and meditation, as they do not represent anything from the Bible. Through Yoga or similar things you open up your body for foreign malicious spirits who then take you in possession. It is not a stupid fantasy, it's all true.


The Bible says: The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. As harsh as these words may sound, for all kinds of "unwarranted avoidance" of God there is the death penalty and a place in hell. We, dear brother / sister, do not want for you to get lost. The way to heaven is a narrow road and we want to help you find it and keep walking on it. The only way to escape hell is to ask God to forgive your sins and missteps and to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and to never repeat those sins again. If you or someone you know is in touch with the Occult / Satanism / Buddhism / Hinduism / New Age and you or this someone want to get out of the darkness and come into the true light of Jesus Christ, we are more than happy to help you. Jesus is just waiting for you to embrace his offering.


He has already paid the price in full on the cross ... You just have to accept it.

Clubbing and excessive partying:

We are aware that young people love to go out to party. But this excuses nothing in the eyes of the Lord. Former Satanist John Ramirez, who was liberated by Jesus Christ from Satan many years ago, himself said that a "nightclub is the devil's playground". The devil loves to watch young people live godlessly, get drunk, take drugs and have sexual pleasure (this also includes any kind of erotic and sensual dancing). There is a reason why the Lord does not like it - he knows that it actually harms us. It promotes neither the community spirit, nor meets any other purpose to enrich our lives. More fulfilling will it be for you to spend intensive time with your friends, your family and in prayer talking to Jesus. There are countless things that you can do that do not involve alcohol or excessive parties. It's not impossible to live without all this. And at some point, the waiver will not feel like a sacrifice but more like a very generous gift. We have all been there and were confronted with it and made mistakes in the past, and we faced them, we repented and begged God for forgiveness on our knees. No one has a clean slate. That's why we are so grateful for the grace, goodness and love of God - he forgives us every day. We can only warmly recommend you to turn your back on this excessive lifestyle and distance youself from it and change it immediately. Live your life with God. If you put him first, everything else will automatically follow. Wild parties are of the devil trying to communicate a picture and a vision of happiness and give you the illusion of feeling good - but in the end you just feel empty and exhausted.

Blaspheming / Gossiping the Holy Spirit and Hate towards other People:

We all know that there is nothing wrong with just simply passing on information and maybe making a little fun of someone obviously weird, right? But, in God's eyes it is very wrong. Blaspheming (the Holy Spirit) is prohibited according to the Bible. It should be perfectly clear to every Christian and any other person that to stop blaspheming/gossiping seems very difficult at first glance, since for most people it has become an absolutely normal and almost necessary part of life. But God has forbidden it for a reason - it stirs up hatred and discontent. It will spread lies and falsehoods, and, according to the 9th commandment we shall not bear false witness against our neighbor at any time. By blaspheming/gossiping we violate the 9th commandment of the Lord. And if we break one, we break all of them. Even Jesus taught us that a person with a hateful thought against another person has already committed murder inside their head - Matthew Chapter 5, Vers 21-22: "You have knowledge that it was said in old times, you may not put to death, and whoever puts to death will be in danger of being judged. But I say to you that every one who is angry with his brother will be in danger of being judged, and he who says to his brother, Raca, will be in danger from the Sanhedrin, and whoever says, You foolish one, will be in danger of the hellfire."


Always remember, when you find yourself being on the verge of talking bad about someone or spreading a rumor, would you want for someone else to be talking this way about you?


Commandment of Charity - Matthew Chapter 5, Vers 43-48: "You have knowledge that it was said, have love for your neighbor and hate for him who is against you. But I say to you have love for those whoe are against you and make prayer for those who are cruel to you; so that you may be the sons of your Father in heaven; for his sun gives light to the evil and to the good, and he sends rain to the upright man and on the sinner. For if you have love for those who have love for you, what credits is it to you? Do not the tax-farmers do the same? And if you say, good day to your brother only, what do you do more than the others? Do not even the gentiles do the same? Be then complete in righteousness, even as your Father in heaven is complete."