You were created by God for a very specific reason...

New Life Ministries

There is a reason why you ended up on this Website. We would like to welcome you and explain to you, what it is we're doing. New Life Ministries wants to help Born Again Christians as well as People who want to be reborn in Jesus Christ to establish a life with Jesus. In order to do so we only rely on God's true living word, the Holy Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testament.

You are not alone

We have great understanding for you going through a life changing phase or maybe just having ended it. We understand that you might be confused and uncertain about what to do next. But help always comes to those who seek it. We see it as our priority to give you answers to all your questions and hope you find them on our Website. We want to help you to deepen your relationship with the Lord and strengthen your belief every single day.  

Contact us anytime

Should there be any questions that are left unanswered from your side, please do not hesitate to contact us any time. We will do anything in our power to work on your questions, thoughts, wishes, suggestions etc. as fast as possible. May


God bless you always.