Hell exists - it really exists!

With this statement we do not want to scare you or any other person, but warn you and all the others. Hell exists. It is FOR REAL. Do not listen to what other people want you to believe, but put your faith into the living Word of God, the Bible and of course Jesus. God himself has repeatedly said that there is Hell - just as there is Heaven. Hell is mentioned 48 times in the New Testament. Jesus talked more about Hell than he did about Heaven. This should alrerady be a clear sign for everyone. As to every negative thing there is a positive counterpoint, there must be Hell, as there is a Heaven. But Hell was originally not made for people. God created Hell in order to imprison the fallen angels, the demons, who rebelled against God with Satan (Lucifer) in the Heavens. However, inspite of being cast out, Satan still tries to be like the Most High and it is his priority to use his demons to seduce people into committing sin and finally make them end up in hell. People who do not repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour will end up in Hell.


Unfortunately people nowadays have a very misunderstood image of hell. Hell is not a place where satan sits on his throne and tortures people. Hell is also the place for satan and demons, where they will be punished by God. Do not get confused about this! Hell is for everyone who rejects, blasphenes and detests God and refuse to obey him. 

The word "hell" or "hades" or "gehennah" is mentioned about 54 times in the Bible. Jesus and the Apostles warned us, that whosoever rejects God, blasphemes him or serves Baal will spend eternity in Hell. The Bible says that every person is a sinner, as we have been born from a sinful nature. Due to the Fall of Adam and his and Eve's sin every person is born a sinner and deserves to be in hell. No person on this earth can stand his own before a holy and perfect God. But Jesus came to this earth to die on the cross and to raise from the dead three days later so that we - even though we are sinners - do not have to bear God's wrath but have the possibility to spend eternity with our Father in heaven. Jesus did not simply mention anything in the Bible for fun. Everything he said he said for very important reasons.

Most people today do not believe in an eternal hell or any sort of punishment after death. Many people also think that they will get to heaven simply because they are "good people". But the Bible is very clear that no person on this earth is good and nobody deserves to go to heaven and that no one can get to heaven through any works. The only possibility to escape God's wrath is to accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, to turn from sin, repent before God and to put our trust in Jesus.


This may sound to some like extortion, but it is only just. We live in a world created by the most high, we ourselves were created by him and we have made it to break every single one of his laws. If we transgress any laws in this world we also have to suffer the consequences and we will be punished by law. How much more will we have to do so if we break the laws of a holy and omnipotent God?


Apart from that you should never forget that God is a just God, perfect in all his attributes and that he is a loving and gracious God. He forgives everyone who comes to him. He gives everyone a second chance. He knows peoples' hearts and he knows who is sincere and who isn't. Hell and heaven are just as real as Jesus was, when he walked this earth 2000 years ago.