Jesus vs. Mohammad

Any muslim you ask is going to tell you, that he honors and believes in Jesus. With this they want to convince Christians, that we "worship the same God", at least they try with this lame statement. But this is totally wrong. It is a grand lie. Muslims only accept Jesus as a "Prophet". They admit they he was somewhat "important", more than any other person before him but they don't believe that Jesus is God in the flesh. They also don't believe that he was crucified (see Wrong Teachings of Islam). 


Fact remains that Christianity and Islam are completely different in all their points and all their theology. There are absolutely no commonalities. Christianity and Islam have completely different ideologies and origins. 


With this chart below we would like to compare Christianity to Islam as well as compare Jesus to Mohammad and his made up "Allah". 


Every human is a sinner (through Adam and Eve), who is in need of God's salvation. This salvation has been brought to us through Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for our sins so that we can have a living relationship with God and get to heaven.


Jesus is God in the flesh. After his death on the cross, which he himself has foretold, he was resurrected and brought up to heaven. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He does not change. 


Jesus produced many miracles. He healed the sick and raised the dead. He fed thousands of people with only a couple of fish and bread. 


Jesus was never aggressive and never fought with anyone. He never led anyone into battle. He preached about love and forgiveness from God. He ordered us to love our enemies and to love them as well as to pray for those who curse us. 


Jesus preached more about hell than heaven. His mission was to reach the lost and to bring back the lost sheep to the Father. God does not delight in the wicked being punished but he wants everyone to leave their wicked ways and repent. 


Jesus was never married, nor did he own slaves nor did he ever have children. 


Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born into this world through the virgin Mary. He is God in the flesh.


Jesus treated every person he met with love and respect, especially women. He appeared first to the women after his resurrection and then to the other Apostles. 


Jesus loved children with a fatherly love. He said no one will enter Paradise unless they become like a child (of God). 


Jesus promised that everyone who believes in him will be saved. He will never reject anyone that wants to come to him. His promise endures forever, because God doesn't lie. 


This message does not exist in Islam.






According to the Quran Jesus was never crucified, but "Allah" merely deceived everyone and made it seem like that and Jesus was caught up into the heavens without dying. 


Mohammad never produced andy miracles. There is only one story about him riding a donkey into the heavens and meeting "Allah". 


Mohammad led over 16 wars and battles. He killed over 1000 people himself. He ordered people to be killed who simply rejected or insulted Islam or him. 




Mohammad said that people who die in battle for the sake of Islam have a special place in heaven. But the majority of people in hell are women. Women are to be beaten by their husbands and women are only half as smart as men. 


Mohammad had 11 wives, several sex slaves and one of his wives was only 9 years old. 


Mohammad was only a person. He is dead and remains dead forever. 



Mohammad was only nice to people that were nice to him. Anyone who rejected him was killed and persecuted. He even curesed his own uncle for rejecting Islam.


Mohammad didn't love children. He only married them. This is pedophilia. 



Muslims never know whether they will go to heaven or not. There is no promise of salvatioin. After they die "Allah" is going to examine their works and then decide whether they get to heaven or not.

This should already make clear, that Islam and Christianity have absolutely nothing in common. There are two completely different doctrines. Mohammad always tried to cherry pick parts of the Bible and the Torah and to include it into the Quran in order to make it more appealing to Muslims and Christians. 

Jesus is a loving God who wants to save humanity. Mohammad and Allah are aggressive and evil and violent. If Islam would remove the Sura about killing apostates, Islam would have died a very long time ago. 


Below we would like to give a short overview of the most important differences between the Quran and the Holy Bible.

Holy Bible

The Bible was written within approximately 1500 years by over 40 writers who all have been inspired by the Holy Spirit and have all claimed the same things about God and Jesus. One unity, no contradictions. 


The Bible wants people to repent and come back to God. Whoever loves God will keep his commandments. Jesus died for sinners, so that they can be saved. 


The Bible contains over 700 prophecies of which more than half have come to pass. The Old Testament prophecies the first coming of Jesus, the establishment of the State of Isreael and there are more prophecies in the Book of Revelation. 


The Bible conisists of scientific facts that people could have never known back then: the world hangs above nothing, the world revolves around the sun and not the other way around, in order to destroy bacteria one must wash their hands under running water... etc. 


The Old and New Testament are in unity.  The Old Testament propecied Jesus coming when he fulfilled the Law (New Testament). Jesus confirmed the Old Testament several times in his teachings.


The Bible gives us absolute security in our faith. Christians know for sure that they are saved and will go to heaven. 


Jesus told us in the Book of Revelation what will happen in the End Times. The Book of Revelation is well detailed and perfectly fits the times we live in right now. 


The Ten Commandments have been brought to us in the Old Testament. God forbids to kill, to lie, to steal and adultery. 




The Bible always speaks of Gods Love (God IS Love) and of his Grace and Forgiveness. Every Apostle and Jesus himself told people to repent and turn from their wicked ways and come to God and give their lives to him, so that they can be forgiven. 


Was written within approximately 20 years by Beduins, who was illiterate. It were other writers who wrote down Mohammad's words. The Quran and Hadith solely come from Mohammad and no one else. The Quran contradicts itself several times. 


Calls people for Jihad against unbelievers. At over 100 places in the Quran Muslims are told to kill uneblievers and critics of Islam and/or Mohammad. 



There is not one single prophecy in the Quran.






Mohammad was very stupid and told lies all the live long day, for example the devil pees in your ear when you are sleeping, the devil laughs when you are yawning, you should never eat with your left hand or that the sun sets in a puddle and rises from that puddle again.


Quran has no logic to it. There are just a bunch of verses said by Mohammad that don't make sense. The Quran is sorted by the length of the Suras. 



A Muslim never knows for sure whether or not he or she will go to hell. 



According to the Quran there will be a Mahdi in the End Times but he only appears once the entire world has become muslim. There are no more indications for the end times at all. 


There are no commendments in the Quran. Killing is permitted by "Allah" and for his sake. Apparently the life of a non-muslim isn't worth that much. Lies are permitted in order to deceive non-muslims and to kill them later.


"Allah" is vengeful and evil. He kills who he wants and when he wants. He forgives who he wants and when he wants. He hates Jews and Christians and unbelievers. The Quran says, "Allah" is all-forgiving but this can not be seen anywhere in the muslim world. 

According to Islam it is not allowed to doubt the faith or to question it. The Hadith clearly say that "Allah" hates doubters. Why would an all-mighty God forbid questions, if the faith is so perfect, as he claims? Muslims also believe that a copy of the Quran, which is existent today, also exists just like that in heaven. 


Please, dear Muslim, examine your faith and compare it to what Jesus taught us. Jesus is real and supernatural. He is omnipresent. He wants to have a relationship with you and he wants to save you. Stop following Satan any longer on the path of destruction to hell, but come to the true God who gave his life for you on the cross.


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